Everything You Need For Frock Designs

Different names for frock designs include pishwas, kalidars, Anarkali suits, and gowns. Frocks are loose, airy shapes that can be torso-length, floor-length, ankle-length, or even shorter. Typically, it features a fitted bodice and can be made of chiffon, georgette, cotton, lawn, or any other lightweight fabric you want. Since anarkali dresses have been around for so long, they served as the symbolic attire of the Mughal era. This particular cut dates back to the Victorian era, when gowns were a popular form of wear.

Frocks are pretty adaptable, in addition to being made for weddings or formal occasions. For weddings, use a costly fabric like royal silk and add a body by overlaying it with a can-can. For summer, choose a breezy patterned fabric up to ankle length. In an identical vein, they appear best on young females. They can be worn with a lehenga, sharara, or a pair of pants in addition to the usual pairing of a churidar. For your benefit, we have gathered several dress inspirations.

Designs For Long Frocks

The most charming, classic, and modest fashion trend is frocks. They may dress you in the traditional cut and make you seem like a princess. A long bodice with many flairs may give the dress a Victorian and princess feel, whereas a short bodice is the most overdone design. The embroidery and ornamentation are determined mainly by the purpose and desired appearance. If you want a pishwas for a wedding, use thick threadwork and ornaments; if you want a more casual style, use light embroidery and bold printing.

Anarkali Style

Our Mughal heritage has given us an anarkali frock with a fitted bodice, a floor-length skirt, and churidar pajamas. This aesthetic was prevalent in the coming-of-age movies from the 1970s and 1980s. They often have an immense flair and are composed of chiffon, georgette, or any other flowing fabric. Typically, the skirt is kept basic with a bit of border trimming while the bodice is heavily embellished.

Tail Style Frock

Who doesn’t enjoy a little drama mixed with glitter and sass at their wedding? Tail frocks are ideal if you want a western-inspired wedding gown silhouette with an eastern touch. Most tail frock designs are fitting dresses with a lengthy train and substantial embellishment all over the clothing. They draw all the attention to you and your long march, so be sure your attire is suited for the occasion because they don’t look great at a casual affair.

Umbrella Style Frock

As the name implies, umbrella frocks have an entire body and are made of a light, airy fabric. Each side is stacked with 5–6 panels to give them the most twirl-worthy feel. Umbrella frocks might have a bodice or not, and they are typically worn with shararas or lehengas. This frock will make you feel like a desi Cinderella and is ideal for a walima or nikkah. So, frock to impress in these opulent and seductive outfits throughout the forthcoming wedding season, and don’t forget to make whirling boomerangs.

Pishwas Style Frock

Although pishwas have been popular for ten years, the trend reemerged in 2021 and 2022 and is now widespread. This is one of Pakistan’s and India’s most popular ethnic clothing styles. In the 1980s and 1990s, Muslim and Hyderabadi brides typically used pishwas as their bridal attire, although this style has lately been spotted at both informal and formal gatherings.

Bottom Line

The most adaptable silhouette is the frock, and after having seen a thousand multiple forms throughout the years, we still can’t determine which one we like. There is a frock design for any occasion, whether you’re attending a wedding or want to spend the holiday at the beach. Therefore, get some inspiration from our above designs and shop at Kapray Corner for beautiful frocks for any occasion.

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